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Auto-Tune: Why Pop Music Sounds Perfect

If you haven’t been listening to pop radio in the past few months, you’ve missed the rise of two seemingly opposing trends. In a medium in which mediocre (平庸的) singing has never been a bar to entry, a lot of pop vocals suddenly sound great. Better than great: note- and pitch-perfect, as if there’s been an unspoken tightening of standards at record labels or an evolutionary leap in the development of vocal cords. At the other extreme are a few hip-hop singers who also hit their notes but with a precision so exaggerated that on first listen, their songs sound comically artificial, like a chorus of ’50s robots singing Motown.
The force behind both trends is an ingenious plug-in called Auto-Tune, a downloadable studio trick that can take a vocal and instantly nudge it onto the proper note or move it to the correct pitch. It’s like Photoshop for the human voice. Auto-Tune doesn’t make it possible for jus
A. change a poorly-sung song into a perfect one
B. make everyone sing like a professional singer
C. inject some vitality into the pop industry
D. bring the flaw of pop songs into public
[单项选择]{{I}} Questions 1 to 5 are based on an interview. At the end of the interview you will be given 10 seconds to answer each of the following five questions. Now listen to the interview.{{/I}}Which of the followings is not Mrs Mutwa’s recommendation
A. Making a will with the husband.
B. Registering your home.
C. Getting legal advice from a lawyer.
D. Donating the property.
[单项选择]Americans have contributed to many art forms, and jazz, a type of music, is one of the art forms that were started in the United States. Black Americans, who sang and played the music of their homeland, created jazz.
Jazz is a mixture of music of Africa, the work songs the slaves sang, and religious music. Improvisation(即兴) is an important part of jazz. This is why a jazz song might sound a little different each time it is played.
Jazz bands formed in the late 1800s. They played in bars and clubs in many towns and cities of the South, especially New Orleans. New Orleans is an international seaport, and people from all over the world come to New Orleans to hear jazz.
Jazz became more and more popular. By the 1920s, jazz was popular all over the United States. By the 1940s, you could hear jazz not only in clubs and bars, but in concert hails as well. Today, people from all over the world play jazz. Jazz musicians from the United States, Asia, Africa, South America, and Eur
A. American Art Forms
B. The Development of Jazz
C. The Music of Black Americans
D. The Birthplace of Jazz
[填空题]快速原型方法强调原型仅包括未来系统的【 】,以及系统的重要界面,以提高设 计效率。
[单项选择]American culture has not been immune to cultural influences from outside. The idea of democracy came from the ancient Greeks: the Industrial Revolution started in England: jazz and rock music preserve African rhythms--to pick a few examples. Indeed, many of the things we think of as "100 percent American" came from other cultures.
Still, most of the changes in American culture over the last century have come from within, as the result of inventions and discoveries. And change has been dramatic. One hundred years ago the United States was largely a nation of farmers. Many of the things we take for granted today- a high school education, for example, or indoor plumbing—were luxuries then. The moon was a light for lovers, not a site for scientific exploration; genetic engineering (基因工程) was not even a subject for science fiction, much less for laboratory research and corporate investments. The decades following the Second World War, in particular, were characterized by spectacular sc
A. talk about the American culture in transition
B. criticize the American culture
C. state the absurdity of American culture
D. talk about the inventions and discoveries
[判断题]国家制定节能政策,编制节能计划,并纳入社会保障计划,保障能源的合理利用,并与经济发展、环境保护相协调。( )
A. 提前办妥减免税申请手续,凭《征免税证明》以“合资合作设备”的贸易方式向海关申报,免税进口
B. 以“加工贸易设备”的贸易方式向海关申报,照章缴纳进口税费
C. 提前办妥加工贸易合同的登记备案手续,凭《登记手册》以“进料加工”的贸易方式向海关申报,保税进口
D. 以“不作价设备”的贸易方式向海关申报,免税进口
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