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[单项选择]28岁女性,孕34周,10天前开始感觉乏力,食欲差,近5天病情加重,伴呕吐,巩膜发黄,神志欠清而入院,血压18.0/ 12.0kPa(135/90mmHg),ALT 35U,胆红素176mol/L,尿蛋白(-)。
A. 妊娠脂肪肝
B. 妊娠肝内胆汁淤积症
C. 妊娠期高血压疾病肝损害
D. 药物性肝损害
E. 妊娠合并重症肝炎

Welcome, everyone, to this workshop on student housing. I’ll go through the information about types of housing available for the term and the procedure for application. Then, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
There are two main types of housing for you to choose from: student dorms and the international houses. As for now, there is some space available in each type, but they are filling up fast. You should get your application in as soon as possible. Let me explain some of the main features of each type of housing.
The student dorms are for any student. We have men’s dorms and women’s dorms. Most of the rooms have two beds, two closets, and two desks. There are no cooking facilities in the dorms, but you can buy a meal ticket for the cafeteria.
The international houses are a group of apartments for both foreign students and resident students. They are organized into language and culture themes, and some of them have rules ab
A. The international houses.
B. The student dorms.
C. The Spanish house.
D. Men’s houses.

A. 海藻酸钠
B. 大豆磷脂
C. 硅橡胶
D. 动物脂肪
[简答题]The damage to the packing is so serious that it is beyond description.
A. 温肾助阳
B. 杀虫止痒
C. 理气和中
D. 温肺化饮
{{B}}One Good Reason to Let Smallpox Live{{/B}}
It’s now a fair bet that we will never see the total extinction of the smallpox virus. The idea was to cap the glorious achievement of 1980, when smallpox was eradicated in the wild, by destroying the killer virus in the last two labs that are supposed to have it — one in the US and one in Russia. If smallpox had truly gone from the planet, what point was there in keeping these reserves
{{U}} (51) {{/U}}reality, of course, it was naive to{{U}} (52) {{/U}}that everyone would let{{U}} (53) {{/U}}of such a potent potential weapon. Undoubtedly several nations still have{{U}} (54) {{/U}}vials. {{U}} (55) {{/U}}the last "official" stocks of live virus bred mistrust of the
A. Difficult
B. Hard
C. Safe
D. Simple
[填空题]The higher a substance’s pH, the more acidic it is.

{{B}}Section One{{/B}}
·You will hear five short recordings.
·For each recording, decide who is speaking.
·Write one letter (A--H) next to the number of the recording.
·Do not use any letter more than once.
·You will hear the five recordings twice.

A a dentist
B a customer
C a policeman
D a mechanic
E a salesman
F a plumber
G a doctor
H a manager
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